Does your company’s Sales Strategy allow for collaboration?

Man writing on sales whiteboard


Many business owners work together with other non-competing businesses to generate sales and add value to their clients. When values display many similarities and mutual trust and respect exists, it sets the tone for successful joint-ventures and long-term relationships.

Does your sales environment support creative collaboration? Will your business truly reap the benefits of a joint venture with another company? You do not want to be missing out because you are closing the door on potential partners. Entrepreneurs should be aware that big businesses often enter into formal joint ventures and partnerships where both parties make significant gains.

This formula will also work for sales people since sales collaboration doesn’t have to extend to parties outside of your company. Quite often, it is a matter of two or more salespeople working together on one opportunity. With their combined talents and expertise, more value will be offered to the client, which may well bring in a deal that they would not have been able to do on their own.

We’ve all heard of the saying “two heads are better than one” – so get creative in your sales approach!  Rather than holding onto your prospective deals (and your full commission) as tightly as you can, why not consider a mini “joint venture” with a colleague – or a fellow entrepreneur? Simply agree on an equitable commission split and the separate responsibilities and start targeting specific opportunities. You may well be pleasantly surprised by how many more deals you manage to get this way.


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