CRM for Marketing

Personalize Your Customer Journey

Improve Marketing Response At Every Touchpoint

Consumers do their own research long before reaching out to talk to your sales team, so it’s critical to provide them with the information they need to make a purchase decision. Automated multi-phase campaign scheduling, list management, web forms, and a Return On Investment (ROI) calculator make it easy to deliver the content customers and prospects need.

  • Generate Higher Quality Leads
  • Utilize Marketing Automation
  • Target My Top Clients
  • Track Customer Lifetime Value


CRM Marketing Highlights

Fill the Sales Pipeline with Qualified Leads
Segment your customers and prospects to receive relevant information targeted to each audience. List management capabilities allow you to search and filter data, ensuring your campaigns move targets along the buyer’s journey and prepare them for a sales conversation.

Automated Campaign Management
Maximizer’s Campaign Manager makes it easy to execute multi-phased email campaigns that automatically nurture relationships over time. Events like site downloads, purchases and service incidents can trigger specific automated email campaigns that offer appropriate and timely resources.

Web-To-Lead Forms
Wizard-driven web forms capture online enquiries which can be customized, branded and used for a variety of marketing campaigns, from free trials to event registration, online surveys and more. Form data can be imported directly into Maximizer and into the hands of the right sales person.

Monitor Key Metrics
In-depth marketing dashboards provide insight into every campaign performance, lead source tracking and more. Get real time insight on conversions from leads to opportunities, opportunities to sales, and measure Marketing’s contribution to business success.

Integrate with MailChimp
Keep marketing campaign data in sync and see individual results from MailChimp email campaigns within Maximizer via two-way synchronization of contact and campaign data between Maximizer CRM and MailChimp.

Connect to HubSpot
Funnel lead intelligence from your HubSpot-driven inbound marketing programs into Maximizer CRM. Pass lead source, score, specific campaign activity and more to your Maximizer Contact record to arm Sales with the insight needed for their initial buying conversation and greater sales success.

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