CRM for Sales

Maximize Sales Team Productivity

Sales CRM That Closes More Deals, Faster

With all client information centralized in a single view that’s accessible anywhere, anytime, it’s easy to respond to new and existing opportunities, manage accounts and accurately forecast your sales pipeline and revenue.

  • Generate More Sales Leads
  • Accurately Forecast Sales
  • Shorten My Sales Cycle
  • Improve Upsell and Cross-sell


Sales CRM Highlights

Effectively Manage Accounts
Build long term customer relationships, manage accounts and personalize your view. Search on any field and create one-click access to frequently used customer and prospect lists. Manage sales territories by setting up parameters for lead assignment and record access.

Increase Close Rates
Monitor the effectiveness of your sales team by measuring close, abandon and loss rates for all opportunities. Discover where to focus sales efforts and move towards a predictable sales pipeline.

Improve Sales Forecast Accuracy
Built-in sales forecasting and management makes light work of tracking progress against goals. Graphical sales reports that match your sales process provide visibility into every detail including probability of close, allowing you to take proactive measures to ensure your team hits their targets.

Effectively Manage Sales Leads
Ensure all leads are handled in a timely manner, leading to higher sales conversion and revenue. Automatically alert the right person for follow up, and track the status and source of every opportunity to measure funnel and conversion rate.

Real Time Insight
Stay on top of productivity and revenues with real-time visual snapshots of company and team performance. Easily configure dashboards and customizable report templates to provide the insight needed to adjust tactics or re-focus resources.

Anywhere, Anytime Mobile Access
Easily manage appointments, view critical customer and prospect data and monitor key metrics from your desk, at home or on the road with 24/7 access via any smartphone, tablet or any web-enabled mobile device.

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