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Maximizer 2018

Maximizer CRM 2018 Overview
Maximizer CRM 2018 has been designed with connectivity in mind – to bring your teams, data, apps and customers closer than ever before. The new features like the App Directory, Import Tool and Partner portal are designed to give you a single version of the truth and empowers you to deliver a seamless customer experience.
Maximizer CRM 2018 Overview Infographic
18 Reasons to connect with Maximizer CRM 2018

Previous Versions

Maximizer CRM 2017 Overview
Maximizer CRM 2017 is designed to help businesses use their CRM application as a system of engagement that manages the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition through retention and expansion. The 2017 edition features innovative automations, enhanced business process configuration, expanded API infrastructure and a userfriendly design that helps organizations deliver exceptional service at every stage along the customer journey.

Maximizer CRM 2017 New Features & Functionality

  • Productivity Boosting Automations – Eliminate manual and repetitive task through auto updates and calculations, set unique business processes for each customer segment
  • Engaging User Experience – New calendar and appointment setting capabilities, clear module identification and modern colours, fonts and icons
  • Expanded API Infrastructure – Helping you connect with thousands of applications that provide deeper customer insight


17 reasons to choose Maximizer CRM 2017

  1. Your success is our success
    Every Maximizer and Certified Solution Provider team member is committed to helping you achieve CRM and business success.
  2. Flexible deployment options
    Choose cloud or on-premise subscription.
  3. Data security
    Your data is secure in our world-class tier IV data centres or in a data centre of your choice.
  4. Rapid deployment
    Installation support and customized training gets you up and running fast.
  5. Easy access support users rave about
    “Customer service is superb”.
    Need we say more?
  6. Integration with Outlook
    Add new contacts and set up sales opportunities and tasks in Maximizer from within Outlook.
  7. Configurable
    Add unlimited fields to match your unique business needs.
  8. Low TCO & fast ROI
    Reap big benefits by building deep customer relationships that lead to more sales.
  9. API infrastructure
    Connect with thousands of applications that deliver greater insight into customer behaviour.
  10. Centralisation of customer data
    87% of EMEA customers rated data centralisation as #1 benefit of Maximizer CRM.
  11. Increased visibility
    69% of EMEA customers rated visibility of communications and activities as #2 benefit of Maximizer CRM.
  12. Deep customer insight
    The two-pane, multi-tab display highlights important information with drill down for more details.
  13. Enhanced productivity
    Say goodbye to manual and repetitive tasks.
  14. Improved customer segmentation
    50% of EMEA customers rated segmentation as #5 benefit of Maximizer CRM.
  15. Multiple business processes
    Set them up to match customer segments and lifecycle stages.
  16. Integration with marketing automation
    Keep marketing campaign data and contacts in sync, and view campaigns results right from within Maximizer CRM.
  17. Anywhere, anytime access
    Easily access and update information from your mobile phone or other device.
Maximizer CRM 2016 Overview
Quick to deploy, learn and use, Maximizer CRM 2016 delivers a complete and robust solution, centralizing data whilst streamlining business processes. Harnessing this power allows you to rapidly optimize your level of productivity, performance and profitability

Key Benefits:

  • Simplified interface for easy use and navigation
  • Key fields and personalized data view
  • Account and contact management
  • Data protection legislation and anti-spam administrator
  • Data auditing and data security management
  • Task management and automation
  • Task and calendar management
  • Task and appointment alarm and notification
  • Opportunity management
  • Sales forecasting and automation
  • Sales strategy planning
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing email text and html coding editor
  • Customer service case management
  • Mobile access for phone and tablet
  • Excel reporting tool and document templates
  • Dashboard business intelligence
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook integration
  • HubSpot and MailChimp integration
  • Workflow automation
Maximizer CRM 2016 Deployment Options
At Maximizer Software, we recognise that your business is unique, and to meet your individual needs, budgets, data governance and existing IT infrastructure, we offer you a choice of deployment options for your Maximizer CRM software, including; On-Premise, Our Cloud and Your Cloud solutions.
Maximizer CRM 2016 System Requirements
A typical Maximizer implementation consists of a server and one or more workstations. The hardware and software requirements for each type of Maximizer installation are listed in the attached document.
Maximizer CRM 2015 Overview
Maximizer’s deployment options provide you with the range of choice you need in order to be treated as a unique business with unique needs. Whether you require an on-premise web access CRM solution that has been the software of choice for savvy small to mediumsized businesses and divisions of large enterprises for over 20 years, or a feature rich and highly flexible cloud-based solution, Maximizer has the choice required to tailor a solution to fit your needs perfectly.

Key Improvements:

  • Simplified interface for easy use and navigation
  • Account and contact management
  • Improved key field and personalised data view
  • Data legislation and anti-spam administrator
  • Data Auditing and data security management
  • Enhance opportunities tab
  • Sales forecasting and automation
  • Sales strategy planning
Maximizer CRM 2015 Access Options
To work effectively and stay ahead of your competitors in today’s demanding business environment requires a flexible and convenient CRM solution that delivers essential information and tools to suit where and how your staff work. Whether working in the office, from home, remote offi ces or on the road, Maximizer CRM All Access licencing provides a variety of options in one all-inclusive licence. All Access enables you and your team to work productively and effectively, to deliver the levels of sales, marketing and customer service required to build relationships that drive revenue.
Maximizer CRM 2015 System Requirements
A typical Maximizer implementation consists of a server and one or more workstations. The hardware and software requirements for each type of Maximizer installation are listed in the attached document.
Maximizer CRM 2015 Workflow Automation
While the competition struggles with manual processes, queries and reports on customer interactions, gain a competitive advantage by automating your critical business processes.

Key Benefits:

  • Automate repeatable step-by-step processes and improve productivity
  • Identify tasks that require immediate or overdue attention
  • Improve efficiency and consistency with basic task automation
  • Provide everyone with the up-to-date notifications necessary to work smarter.
Maximizer CRM 12 Overview
Maximizer CRM 12 Features:

  • Account and contact management
  • Task management and automation
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sales forecasting
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing
  • Customer service management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft® Office® integration
  • Outlook® & Exchange® synchronisation
  • Workflow automation
  • Partner relationship management
  • Time management
  • Accounting integration & eBusiness
  • Deployment: Cloud and On premise
  • Access options: Windows desktop, Internet Browser, remote synchronisation & Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (e.g. iPad®)
Maximizer CRM 12 Which edition is right for you?
In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses require technology that is flexible enough to meet their changing needs, while adding value in a cost-effective manner. Cloud-based offerings do just that by delivering feature-rich business tools to users while removing the need to manage and maintain complex hardware infrastructure and an in-house IT team and support systems.
Maximizer CRM 12 Live Overview
Whether you’re a start-up small business in need of CRM, or have hundreds of employees and thousands of customers, Maximizer CRM has the right solution for you. Maximizer CRM adapts to the way you work, and grows as your business grows. Choose from the following editions, as well as several add-on modules and options for the solution that matches your business needs. The right solution will depend on your number of users, access, and feature requirements.
Maximizer CRM 11 Overview
Empower staff with the tools to leverage sales, marketing and customer service information and build long-term customer relationships, win more deals, and accelerate your business growth.
Maximizer CRM 11 System Requirements
A typical Maximizer implementation consists of a server and one or more workstations. The hardware and software requirements for each type of Maximizer installation are listed in the attached document.
Maximizer CRM 11 Which edition is right for you?
As your business grows, you need to enable staff collaboration to attract more prospects, increase sales and retain loyal customers. To grow your business and continue to service your existing customers effectively, you need Maximizer CRM. In addition to contact and schedule management, this integrated solution streamlines Sales, Marketing and Customer Service & Support helping you to work with utmost efficiency. With All Access licensing, leverage unparalleled convenience and access to your critical customer information, through your Windows Desktop, a Web browser and your mobile smartphone. Maximizer CRM 11 delivers a complete, robust solution – when and where you need it. Optimise your level of productivity, performance and profitability with intelligent features and advanced functionality.
Maximizer CRM 11 What's new
Maximizer Software understands your need to rise above the competition – to provide customers with the quality service they demand and to act and respond to a rapidly changing marketplace. With this in mind, we’ve equipped Maximizer CRM 11 to provide exceptional depth of insight into your business – enabling you to tap into real-time information to make the critical decisions paramount to the success of your business.
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