How to develop a ‘champ’ mindset in the workplace

There are many obstacles you may face in your career, but changing your mindset about work can help you overcome workplace battles and excel in your career. Employees can use performance psychology to perform better in their roles and cultivate an environment in which they’re able to reach their best professional persona. Shifting the focus from ‘problems’ to ‘solutions’ that employees directly contribute to, allows for individuals, teams and groups to reach their goals for achieving success. Here are four core elements that embody the mindset of a ‘champ’:


  1. Self-confidence and resilience

People that are less confident are not only more hesitant to test their abilities and skills, but also may be less willing to contribute in a team environment. Confidence and being able to bounce back is directly related to how well you do your job and how well you can relate to the people working around you.


  1. Clear goals

Establish why you want to achieve your goal, what your goal is (the more specific and clear your goals are, the more likely you are to achieve them) and how you are going to achieve your goal. To further ensure you’ll succeed at setting and reaching your workplace goals, it’s important you vocalise them to a manager or mentor.


  1. Personal accountability

By being proactive about a problem and honestly claiming your errors, you’re more likely to captivate your colleagues and build up trust in your working environment. Owning up to mistakes solves the problem, versus not owning up to it and adding fuel to the fire and igniting a problem you may not be able to contain later.


  1. Effective techniques to manage work related challenges

Everyone experiences stress and other negative emotions in the workplace, leaving you with an inability to perform at peak levels at all times. Stress management techniques allow people to change and control how they are thinking and feeling in the workplace.



The effect of goal-setting on task performance is crucial for career growth. Not everyone has the privilege of working in a role that plays to their strengths and passions, but changing your mindset will allow for you to focus on your strengths. There’s no one right tactic that will work for everyone. However, finding strategies that work for you will positively influence your career.





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