Into Africa 

Maximizer CRM Account Review – Into Africa

24 Nov 2017 – Produced by: Harriet Ansell, Maximizer Software

Assigned Business Partner: Camsoft



Objectives of Maximizer CRM for Into Africa

Improve Process Efficiency, Improved Decision Making, Increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction, Increase Productivity, Increase Revenue.

Key Business Benefits achieved with Maximizer CRM

Centralisation of Customer Data, Improved Customer Experience, Improved Customer Segmentation, Improved Data Quality & Value, Improved Visibility of Communication & Activities, Improved Visibility of Internal Processes, Increased Productivity with Reduced Manual Admin, Increased Projected Revenue Visibility.

Actions / Considerations

No immediate actions required.


User adoption
Into Africa is a brand new Maximizer user; recently purchased in September for the meetings/events and incentive side of the Business.
The CRM project is successfully driven by Alex internally, with the assistance and guidance of Nelia at Camsoft.
The main objectives for the Business are the following:
– To centrally manage all client, agency and supplier information; to help maintain successful business relationships and provide
repeat sales.
– To measure business success via data trends: number of sales and closed revenue, repeat business, areas of success and areas of loss; to help the business make appropriate decisions.

Business growth plans
Continued business objectives are to engage with clients more effectively and to capture business results/data trends.
The Business has a total of 17 employees and sales offices in the UK and Scandinavia. There are growth plans to roll Maximizer out to the
leisure side of the Business depending on the success of this first project.
The team has very recently started trialling the Customer Service module with the objective to manage sales associated tasks more
efficiently e.g. delivering client presentations connected to the sale. They plan to look in to this process further.

Further discussion points
The Business prides itself on a bespoke tailored approach with its clients, and maintaing successful relationships with both clients, agency’s and suppliers. The agency’s provide the team with client briefings with specific information on group type, travel type, event type, objectives of travel etc; this then gets tailored in to a profile for the client. This selling of an event is managed via the Opportunity module.
Reporting via dashboards is the next step the team wish to take; using the data they capture to build business intelligence and trends,
helping them to prioritise sales opportunities and areas of growth.


Click to download PDF: Maximizer CRM Account Review 

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