Lagom – Create a more balanced working environment

LagomAll businesses strive to attain a balanced system of operations in order for productivity to run smoothly. Lagom is just that, a state of being sufficiently balanced, but that doe not necessarily mean that everything is equal. Instead, lagom refers to having just the right amount of something for any given situation.


As expected, lagom takes practice. Companies need to be open to the process of “trial and error” before reaching a state of lagom. This might be the game-changer for many businesses who are stuck in an unproductive working cycle and are looking for ways to increase productivity, profits and the working environment they find themselves in.

A huge barrier in achieving this state is the mindset of “black and white” in the workplace. If you are willing to venture into the unknown of the “grey area”, the results of the alternatives could potentially be good for business. This may all seem easy enough to comprehend, but the execution of this theory becomes hard when trying to incorporate this concept into realistic situations.


Every business is different and all experience an array of obstacles everyday. As a business owner, one should be aware of these hurdles your business has encountered. With this knowledge, create your formula with success and reach a state of lagom that best fits your business. Focussing on your customers and product quality with just the right combination of practices in place will aid your business in doing so. That’s where lagom really begins.


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