Maximizer CRM Lead-Logger Programme

The Maximizer Lead-Logger programme allows anyone to refer a prospective customer to Camsoft Solutions for a R500 reward per successful lead – see definition of a successful lead below.


Terms and Conditions

A successful lead is defined as a lead that is converted into a paying customer on the Maximizer CRM cloud solution for a minimum period of 2 months.

The R500 reward payment is a once-off payment per successful lead provided and is per customer, not per user.

The Lead-Logger programme only applies to new prospects. Should a lead provided be for that of an existing customer or prospect, a notification will be provided immediately.

Payment of the R500 reward will be made directly into the Lead-Logger’s personal account within two weeks of the prospect having become a fully paid-up customer on the Maximizer CRM cloud solution.

Banking details for the Lead-Logger will be requested at the time that the reward payment is to be made by Camsoft Solutions. Alternatively, the R500 reward payment, or an equivalent amount in another currency, can be made into a PayPal account.

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