Managing Sales in Maximizer – a LIVE Demonstration

In the current economic climate, it is vital that we win every sales opportunity to remain profitable, and as the Head of Sales, it is my responsibility to manage leads effectively to guarantee we hit our sales targets. So how do I manage my pipeline and ensure month-on-month growth? By using the Sales Module of Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2012.

During this month’s webinar I will be hosting a LIVE session running through how I use Maximizer in my day to day role to manage not only opportunities but the performance of my sales team.

My top five features I will be demonstrating include:

  • How to use MaxMobile – to ensure you can still access your CRM when you’re on the road visiting clients, prospective clients, business partners etc. Having access to your CRM is absolutely critical, in fact I cannot stress enough how important it is to have all your customer information at your fingertips when in a customer meeting. Not only will access to your CRM improve your customer service offering, it will also identify upsell opportunities!
  • How to manage sales lead follow up – by simply utilizing the opportunities and hotlist tasks modules in Maximizer. I will demonstrate how you can load and allocate a lead efficiently and most importantly how to set a call-to-action, ensuring the lead will be followed-up in a timely fashion, increasing the chances of converting the opportunity
  • How to create and manage lead status – to simplify pipeline management and forecasting. If you set standard lead status terminology, for example ‘In Progress’ may indicate that the opportunity has not been reached yet or ‘RFP’ indicating a Request for Proposal has been received, then you can track the status of all opportunities for effective forecasting
  • How to set colouring rules – to graphically view the leads’ status stages. By setting a colouring rule for each lead status, it is very quick to visually see where sales leads are developing into opportunities
  • How to create ‘favourite lists’ – to manage data and identify opportunities. You can easily create lists of suspended or abandoned opportunities during quieter times or identify customer upsell opportunities for a quick sales boast, using ‘favourite lists’. With the additional benefit of sharing this data with your team.


I look forward to demonstrating the Sales Module of Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2012 and I hope you will see a drive in your sales pipeline as a result.