Maximizer CRM 2018

Maximizer CRM 2018 has been designed with connectivity in mind – to bring your teams, data, apps and customers closer than ever before. The new features like the App Directory, Import Tool and Partner portal are designed to give you a single version of the truth and empowers you to deliver a seamless customer experience.

New Features & Functionality

  • Connect the dots between your data and your apps with free, easy to install integrations available from the app directory for everyday applications like QuickBooks, Outlook, Gmail, MailChimp and more.
  • Get complete visibility into multichannel sales and deliver a consistent end-customer experience with the new partner portal.
  • Import data into your CRM with accuracy and ease with the new import tool.
  • Drive data integrity with minimal effort and update multiple records quickly and easily with the new global edit function.
  • New user experience improvements including auto-formatting for phone numbers and drag and drop.


18 Reasons to Love Maximizer CRM 2018

  1. Connect with customers, partners and prospects like never before.
  2. Flexible Deployment Options Our cloud or your own cloud with on-premise subscription.
  3. Personalized Fit Maximizer to your business, with unlimited custom fields.
  4. Integrate Instantly with Outlook, Gmail, MailChimp and more through the App Directory.
  5. Manage Multi-Channel Sales through an integrated partner portal.
  6. Update Thousands of Records at Once Quickly and easily with the new global edit function.
  7. Bring Customer Information Together Lightening fast with the express data import tool.
  8. Secure Data Storage Choose our world-class Tier IV data centre, or your own.
  9. Rapid Deployment Installation support and custom training gets you up and running, fast.
  10. Unlimited Support users rave about “Customer service is superb” Need we say more?
  11. Live complimentary training webinars 6 times a week. Learning curve? What learning curve?
  12. Tiered Pricing Sales, Service, Marketing, Analytics – the more you use, the more you save.
  13. Deep Customer Insight Two-pane multi tab display with drill down to important information.
  14. Enhanced Productivity Say goodbye to repetitive tasks with pre-built work flows. 70% productivity savings – Maximizer Customers
  15. Configurable Business Processes Set them up to match customer segments and lifecycle stages.
  16. Anywhere, Anytime Access Easily access & update information from your mobile phone or other device. 30% increase in sales calls – Maximizer Customers
  17. Low TCO & Fast ROI CRM pays back $8.71 for every $1 spent – Nucleus Research
  18. Your Success is Our Success 20% increase in revenue growth – Maximizer Customers