PC-based bulk messaging with MaxSMS

Short Messaging Service
MaxSMS is an innovative method of easily transmitting and tracking the delivery of SMS messages, either to a single recipient or many thousands of recipients as a bulk message.

MaxSMS currently works with the popular Maximizer range of CRM products and the application seamlessly extracts the cell numbers from a list of selected contacts so that a particular message can be sent to all of the contacts at once, with the option of the delivery date and text of the message automatically being saved to the contact’s notes field.

The MaxSMS application itself is provided at no cost and to be able to start sending messages the user first needs to register on the Web site provided by the application where credits for the SMS messages can be bought.

> The cost of the messages is 30-40 cents (RSA) per unit depending on how many are purchased.
> Bulk discounts for bulk purchases.
> Online indicator of how much credit is left.
> Automatic updating of credits left.
> Delivery notice for each message sent.
> Status of delivery each time you send a message.

(Supports all versions from Version 8 to Version 12)
NB. If you have an older version of Maximizer please call us
on 0800 616765

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