Flex Your Max Muscle to the Max


By Suzanne Burgess


Here’s an idea: If you’re not using Maximizer’s Customer Service module to manage customer issues, then set it up to manage all of your work-in-progress or back orders. We’ve helped many customers customise the module to do just this.

We’ve found that many companies don’t track their back orders very well. Most often, orders are summarised onto an excel spreadsheet or whiteboard that has to be re-written time and time again.  Using the Customer Service module will seriously improve internal order management.


A few examples from how other customers creatively use Max to their advantage:


  • An importer creates a case every time an order is “won” in the pipeline. Each “case” stays open until the goods arrive in stock and are tracked from supplier gates to the date of delivery.  All supplier information and interaction is also logged in Maximizer and “locked down” so that only those in procurement can see the information such as job costings etc.


  • An exporter creates a case for every export order. User Defined Fields help manage the entire export and shipping process, including all those essential payment reference numbers, export codes and shipping documents, right through to matching invoices and waybills. Views are exported into Excel and provide excellent management reports.


  • A training company uses the module to track every learner and module completed.


  • An aviation company uses it to track its aircraft servicing and supplier information.


Don’t get fooled into looking at Maximizer “just” for sales and sales only. It’s not a glorified address book. It’s not a policing tool. It’s an extremely versatile and powerful database management system indeed.

Flex Maximizer to the max.