Meet Maximizer CRM 2017

Collect and manage all of your customer relationship data in one place. Maximizer CRM 2017 comes fully loaded with sales, marketing, customer support, and business analytics functionality. Learn how to increase your opportunities for customer engagement and business growth.

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Sell more, achieve more from marketing, provide improved service, and make better informed decisions. Maximizer CRM 2017 is the essential CRM solution of choice for small and medium-sized organizations.

Maximizer CRM 2017 is designed to help businesses use their CRM application as a system of engagement that manages the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition through retention and expansion. The 2017 edition features innovative automations, enhanced business process configuration, expanded API infrastructure and a userfriendly design that helps organizations deliver exceptional service at every stage along the customer journey.

17 reasons to choose Maximizer CRM 2017

Your success is our success
Every Maximizer and Certified Solution Provider team member is committed to helping you achieve CRM and business success.

Flexible deployment options
Choose cloud or on-premise subscription.

Data security
Your data is secure in our world-class tier IV data centres or in a data centre of your choice.

Rapid deployment
Installation support and customized training gets you up and running fast.

Easy access support users rave about
“Customer service is superb”.
Need we say more?

Integration with Outlook
Add new contacts and set up sales opportunities and tasks in Maximizer from within Outlook.

Add unlimited fields to match your unique business needs.

Low TCO & fast ROI
Reap big benefits by building deep customer relationships that lead to more sales.

API infrastructure
Connect with thousands of applications that deliver greater insight into customer behaviour.

Centralisation of customer data
87% of EMEA customers rated data centralisation as #1 benefit of Maximizer CRM.

Increased visibility
69% of EMEA customers rated visibility of communications and activities as #2 benefit of Maximizer CRM.

Deep customer insight
The two-pane, multi-tab display highlights important information with drill down for more details.

Enhanced productivity
Say goodbye to manual and repetitive tasks.

Improved customer segmentation
50% of EMEA customers rated segmentation as #5 benefit of Maximizer CRM.

Multiple business processes
Set them up to match customer segments and lifecycle stages.

Integration with marketing automation
Keep marketing campaign data and contacts in sync, and view campaigns results right from within Maximizer CRM.

Anywhere, anytime access
Easily access and update information from your mobile phone or other device.