Mobile CRM

What is Mobile CRM?

Your customers today have greater expectations than ever for rapid response. People in your organization – field sales and service staff, mobile professionals, and executives – need the right information at all times, to respond to these demands. A proper mobile CRM software solution is the key to this success.

Mobile devices, including iPhone®, iPad®, Google Android™, BlackBerry®, and other popular smartphones, have become critical tools to compete effectively. Now, with Maximizer Mobile CRM solutions you can go beyond reading and reacting to email – and be proactive about managing your customers and winning more deals. Your laptop or Internet connection is not always available when you need to look-up the latest status of an account’s last service call, review the latest proposal, or check notes for the last phone call with a prospect. Don’t let this hinder your mobile staff from succeeding in the field.

The Advantage of Mobile CRM

Equipping your staff with mobile CRM software gives you the edge over your competitors with access to accounts, sales deals, service cases, and schedules while on the road.

  • Get the edge on your competitors to win more deals
  • Reduce staff downtime and increase field productivity with access to customer information at all times
  • Increase customer face time by reducing time spent on office administration
  • Build customer intimacy by reviewing up-to-date customer details before a meeting
  • Improve sales forecast accuracy through real-time updates from the field
  • Increase CRM data accuracy: an easy-to-use interface on a familiar mobile device increases the likelihood that sales reps will update customer information


Mobile CRM Options
Wireless CRM for Today’s Mobile Workforce

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. To reduce sales downtime, increase customer face time and win more deals, you need mobile CRM to move your business forward while team members are on the road. Maximizer’s Mobile CRM options provide more than just email and scheduling capabilities: access and update sales opportunities, forecasts, customer service cases, notes and documents. Maximizer Mobile CRM solutions offers several options for today’s mobile devices, including Mobile Access for smartphones and tablets (including iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile and iPad), and MaxMobile CRM for BlackBerry.

Mobile CRM Access for SmartphonesMobile CRM Access for iPad & other TabletsMobile Outlook® Synchronization
Mobile CRM Access for Smartphones
Get iPhone CRM for real-time access through virtually any web browser-enabled smartphone including iPhone smartphones.

Mobile CRM Access for Maximizer Mobile CRM allows you to view and update critical customer information in your Maximizer CRM database in real-time, through your iPhone’s wireless web browser. Expand the capabilities of your iPhone smartphone with Mobile CRM and turn yours into a valuable business tool when you’re on the road.

  • Real-time access and updates to your Maximizer Mobile CRM contacts, tasks, calendar, sales opportunities and customer service cases on-the-fly through your mobile smartphone’s wireless web browser
  • Monitor key business KPIs in real-time from any location with Mobile CRM Dashboards and take immediate action
  • One-click access to maps and directions from customer records
  • No synchronization, local data or extra software to install on your device
  • Wireless Access is included when you purchase Maximizer CRM
  • Click here for a list of supported wireless devices and browsers.
Mobile CRM Access for iPad & other Tablets
Enhanced Smart Phone Experience

Choose the iPhone or any other smart phone and experience the same efficient access to information anywhere and anytime. Using the mobile version of Maximizer has become even easier with easy search capability directly from the home screen to find key contacts or accounts. Quickly communicate to contacts with the ability to send emails and make phone calls with just one touch of the screen.

Optimized for the iPad

Help your team go mobile with a new optimized user interface for the iPad or any tablet of your choice. Seamlessly access crucial customer information, sales leads and monitor the status of all opportunities – anywhere and anytime. Enjoy the mobility of working from a tablet without giving up functionality or sacrificing performance.

Mobile Outlook® Synchronization
By synchronizing with Outlook, you get access to your Maximizer CRM information on your device.

  • Move calendar appointments, tasks, and contacts from Maximizer CRM to Outlook, to your smartphone or tablet
  • Look up and update information while on the road, and synchronize back to Outlook then to Maximizer CRM
  • Outlook Synchronization is included when you purchase Maximizer CRM
Remote Access
Synchronise to remote contributors for company-wide empowerment

MaxExchange, the conduit for remote access to all data within Maximizer CRM, brings remote office team members into the fold for real-time collaboration. From the moment a remote team member logs in, MaxExchange automatically uploads that individual’s updates to the main database, and synchronises the most recent information from headquarters. Remote staff members maintain productivity by doing virtually everything a staff person in the office would do.

  • Right Information – Right Person: Distribute opportunities and action items to appropriate team members, chronologically adjusted to account for worldwide locations and time zones.
  • Offline Remote Access: Maximise offline productivity by keeping a copy of records locally and synchronising it regularly with the central database.
  • Reliable & Secure: Synchronisation is secured using 128-bit encryption and tracks transfer status so you don’t have to worry about data theft or loss.
  • Easy to use: Remote users can rely on automatic or scheduled synchronisation, or sync with the click of a button over the Internet via FTP, using a WAN connection, or over your email system.
  • Fast Synchronisation: Filter records by owner and documents by age and size to reduce file transfer size.
Web Access
For Real-time Convenience

Maximizer CRM’s Web Access option presents the same user interface as the desktop software, so the user’s experience is continuous and familiar. Log in from anywhere to access the customer information and carry out daily tasks using a secure, standard web browser.

Business users maintain continuity

Stay productive and reduce downtime with anywhere access through the web. Get all your customer information and processes, including access to check and update:

  • Appointments
  • Tasks
  • Email (Including Outlook/Exchange Sync)
  • Customers
  • Leads
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • Customer Service & Support Cases

Ease of deployment for IT

Host internally and keep securely in-house while enabling web access.
Based on the .NET framework, easily customise Web Access view to make it work for your organisation, including custom windows and tabs.
Integrate with your corporate intranet, including internal documents and policies, plus external links to give users quick access to other critical information.


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