A practical method to alleviate the Sales & Marketing disconnect

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing departments in most organisations are two separate bodies, yet they should both maintain one common goal. A successful organisation should be able to combine the strengths of the separate departments to achieve the same outcome. The main focus of every organisation is to increase revenue in the business. However, there are certain aspects that hinder the respective departments in achieving this common goal.


The sales team does not always use the resources created by its marketing department in a successful manner. Resources are typically created by the marketing team in order to effectively carry their customers through their buying journey with their brand. In most cases, sales teams only apply what they feel is necessary to a specific scenario with the result that prospective customers then often fall through the cracks.


Another reason for the apparent disconnect between the Sales & Marketing departments is that the resources created by the marketing team do not always appeal to the average prospect they are trying to persuade. The failure to use the hands-on feedback presented by the sales team defeats the purpose of creating content to suit their specific target audience.


It is therefore important to make sure that your departments are all aligned with the same common goal in mind – and that is to increase revenue for your business. By making everyone involved in your sales process understand the different stages in a buyer’s experience with your brand it will positively change the status of your organisation’s ROI. Map out all the possible needs identified in this journey and effectively use all of the resources you have access to.


In this way, a standard process for sales can then be created and implemented. This will make it easier for you to carry out the required tasks and help meet the objectives that are aligned with increasing revenue for your business.



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