Preparing for the Great Money Shift: Why Millennials Will Be the Key to Competing in Wealth Management

Preparing for the Great Money Shift: Why Millennials are Key to Competing in Wealth Management 
A study by the consulting firm Accenture estimates that a staggering 30 trillion dollars will be passed from Baby Boomers to their heirs over the next few decades. The sheer size of Generation Y will likely make their combined holdings larger than any that have come before.

It’s a massive event — and an incredible opportunity. Finance professionals who are cognizant of this shift — and who tailor their offerings with younger people in mind — will be in the strongest possible position to profit.

But are wealth managers ready?

During this enormous transfer, many investment advisors will potentially watch their hard earned asset base slowly disappear–all because they don’t understand how to connect and communicate to their clients’ children. Without an effective plan and strategy in place, wealth managers can expect to lose a significant amount of potential revenue.

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