Does Your Sales Team Have A Sense of Urgency?

Sales person in a rushBy Suzanne Burgess


Moving a sale along is all about creating a sense of urgency. This doesn’t bode well for those who have a fairly laid back approach to selling. Creating a sense of urgency is closely affiliated to correctly understanding the client’s needs. If you haven’t articulated the value of what it is you are selling, then the potential client won’t understand the potential loss that they incur by postponing their buying decision.  The caveat is though, that although shortening your sales cycle is obviously in your best interests, it must genuinely be in your customer’s best interests too.  Tread carefully.

Creating a sense of urgency with your own actions in order to close more sales more often is extremely beneficial.

As a team, analyse and discuss the past 5 major deals you’ve landed and see if there were any “pauses” in the sales cycle that could have been avoided.

Example: If part of your sales process includes giving a demonstration or making a site visit, did the salesperson arrange it efficiently or did a few weeks go by before the prospect was even contacted again to make the arrangements?

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