Telephone etiquette in 2019

Phones are great for providing immediate support for simple and easy-to-fix issues. Answering phone calls requires strong communication skills when representing your brand in a frontline position. The objective is to always remain positive and friendly, especially in the face of negativity. Here are four essential tips to ensure that you’re always being attentive and professional:


  1. Promptly answer calls

Be alert and at your phone at all times. It’s recommended to answer within three rings in order to prepare for the call. Upon picking up the phone, you should immediately introduce yourself to the caller in a warm, friendly manner. This will encourage a positive start to your call.


  1. Speak clearly

You always want to speak as clearly as possible. Project your voice without shouting and always use proper language to convey a professional image to your customers.


  1. Actively listen and take notes

Actively listening to your customers and basing your responses off of their comments, creates the impression that you are genuinely interested in their requests. Taking notes during support calls allows for you to solve their problems more efficiently and accurately.


  1. It’s ok not to know the answer

It is better to admit when you don’t know something, rather than making excuses or giving incorrect solutions. However, let the customer know that you’re actively trying to find a solution for them.


Providing knowledgeable and friendly support will only shine a positive light onto your business. Word-of-mouth travels fast and the best referral to receive. Prospects will be interested to partake in the great customer experience that your business offers.


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