Tracking The Sales Team’s Appointments – A “Leading” Sales Indicator That Needs to be Monitored

Sales TeamAs a sales manager or business owner, one of the key “leading” sales indicators to keep track of is your sales team’s daily face-to-face appointments with prospects and customers.


[Note:  “Leading” sales indicators are mostly activity-related. “Lagging” sales indicators are mostly revenue-related. By monitoring leading indicators you’re in a far better position to predict future sales revenues because you can keep an eye on whether or not there’s enough happening weeks, if not months before you need to hit those sales targets].


Maximizer syncs perfectly with each user’s Microsoft Outlook calendar.  In just a few clicks, a manager is able to see the entire team’s daily, weekly or monthly appointments in one central calendar view (Colour-coded for each person).The calendar provides a platform for future sales performance coaching in terms of reviewing and monitoring efficient territory management, the quantity of sales activities or for assessing the outcomes of specific important appointments with say, your key customers.


Increasing the quality and the quantity of your team’s sales activities is an excellent way to boost your organisation’s sales figures. The emphasis is on the QUALITY of the interactions of course. If your target is for each salesperson to have a minimum of 3 meaningful direct sales conversations a day with prospects or customers with a spend potential of say, R20k a month and upwards, then the continuous focus on moving sales opportunities through the pipeline will – without a doubt – help you to increase the number of successful outcomes.


by Suzanne Burgess

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