How to turn Customer Service Into Gold

The important question in today’s fiercely competitive, highly interconnected and impatient environment is how customer service can be improved—and converted into gold. Many consultants agree, it’s through personalizing your processes.

Your sales (and possibly marketing) teams are already using a CRM solution, so it makes perfect sense to extend it to customer service. A complete customer service solution has 4 critical components:

  1. Organization & productivity tools that provide an eagle-eye view of service responsiveness; resolution times across teams, agents and departments; hot topics and overall customer success.
  2. Routing and queuing technologies to manage trouble tickets and escalate customers to the appropriate agent with the knowledge to quickly resolve the issue.
  3. Automatic storage and mobile access to all documents associated with a record, such as SLAs and agent notes, to capture a complete case history and ensure exceptional service both in the office and the field.
  4. A single, up-to-date library of forms and files that eliminate extra work and time spent on document retrieval.

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