Video Marketing for your business

Video Marketing

Videos are being watched a great deal more than articles are being read online in recent times. Businesses that are able to utilise this method will be one step ahead from the rest. All of the developments around video marketing foresees a new age where digital videos will be more important for the success of business owners. Consumers’ general preference for video forced many companies to adjust their content strategies to include video content.


People watch video content more frequently than what the average person will view non-visual, text-based blog articles.  Nearly all of mobile users who watch videos also have a tendency to share the video content with others.


Offering video content helps turn what could be an awkward face-to-face sales process into a self-service nurturing experience. Interested prospects can view video content hosted on websites or shared via social to learn more about products and features. As they educate themselves, they move towards the end of the sales funnel with minimal person-to-person contact. Customers being in control of their journey with your brand will lead to a reduction in the manpower needed to guide them, as well as a more pleasant experience for prospective leads.


Think about buyer needs that were once met with person-to-person interactions and imagine how videos can replace these needs with a self-service, video-heavy customer journey, for example:

  • Slideshow video — A series of connected images played in a sequence to convey motion or a story
  • Short video — Short videos communicate messages quicker than text and in a more engaging way than static images


Formats like these lower production costs for video (especially video ads) while still providing higher levels of engagement. Best of all, they can communicate well, even without sound in certain cases.


By using video marketing with good content, business owners can potentially reach much bigger audiences than ever before.







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