4 Top trends for content marketing in 2019

Content marketing has developed into a much more distinct and complex form of marketing with many techniques for extending its reach and appealing to new audiences. To maintain a solid marketing strategy with effective marketing techniques, here are four ways to optimise the technological advances in 2019:


  1. Videos

It has been proven that storytelling is the best way to capture people’s attention, imprint information into their memories and resonate on a relatable level with them. Creating engaging videos can entice your target market to sign up to your offerings and share your content with prospective customers.


  1. Email Subscriptions

The best way to keep up with your favourite online platforms is through email updates. Growing a strong email list speaks volumes about the quality of your content and how your readers receive them. Sharing exclusive content, resources and real-time updates about your brand’s offerings will ensure your customers remain loyal and excited about your business.


  1. Re-purpose old content

A large amount of a company’s recurring organic website traffic comes from posts published prior to the date of the monthly report. Refreshing and updating archived pieces of content is a great way to repurpose topics that may still be relevant today.


  1. Social Media

Over 30% of time spent online is dedicated to social media. Marketers should optimise this opportunity by driving traffic to their social media profiles. Relevant and interesting content will surely gain a lot of attention from this vast social audience.


Every company has a different set of customers, so there’s no general rulebook on how to market to a variety of audiences. Once you know what your set of customers are looking for, it makes it easier to tweak these trends to suit your business.




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