Buyer Personas for your organisation

Creating detailed buyer personas is invaluable for your business. Personas provide a summary of the key factors that help you to understand your ideal customer’s needs. You can create a combined identity for each persona using research and analytics based on your current customer data, which depicts characteristics such as demographics, engagement and spending patterns. Here are six questions to ask when building the ideal buyer persona for your organisation:


  1. Who are your customers? 

(Gender, age and location)


  1. What do they do? 

(Title, company size, etc.)


  1. What is their working day like? 

(Who they’re dealing with and what decisions they make)


  1. What are their primary ‘pain’ points? 

(The main challenges they’re trying to overcome that relate to your products/services)


  1. What are their main purchasing goals?

(Price, quality, etc.)


  1. What’s most important to them when selecting a vendor? 

(Reputation, support, etc.)


It’s important to acknowledge that your personas will change over time as you discover more about your customers and what motivates them. As you gain more insights, make sure to review and redefine your buyer personas to establish an up-to-date persona that is in line with their new needs. Buyer personas should reflect real people with real needs and concerns. These personas can provide tremendous insights into how to create better user experiences, which in turn will reflect on your organisation’s bottom line.







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