Employer branding 101


An employer brand is your reputation as a place to work and your employees’ perception of you as an employer. This method is what you would use to market your company to job seekers, increasing the likelihood of attracting top talent to your organisation. A consistent branding strategy needs to be implemented when it comes to sharing your company’s values and culture. Here are three examples of efforts organisations may use to incorporate employer branding into your branding strategy:


  1. Social media

Create social media accounts with the sole purpose of demonstrating appreciation for current employees and sparking interest in potential candidates. Rather than posting about your products or services, use your business social media accounts to share your company mission, congratulate employees on achievements and share relatable employee stories.


  1. Video Content

A “day in the life of…” video made by one of your employees may demonstrate the transparency of your brand and is a great way to communicate your story to potential customers.


  1. Meet our team

An interactive web page to introduce job seekers and potential candidates to your recruitment team removes the anxiety associated with job seeking. This will spark great conversation and get people exited about working for your company.


To ensure a good employer brand, you need to tell a compelling story. Invest time into focussing on your company’s mission statement, values, vision and culture. This helps to identify what your business needs are and will reflect in your overall employer branding strategy to attract the right type of talent you need to align with those objectives.



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