Email marketing is unlikely to go anywhere in terms of advancements in 2019 and changes in the way marketing campaigns get delivered, or the new technologies that have revolutionised the way we do things, will always require adaptation. The modern consumers’ demand for relevant, personalised customer experiences and the evolution of technology makes it necessary for companies to be able to anticipate exactly what customers want. Here are four tips to implement in your business in order to fully optimise email campaigns:


  1. Segment your subscriber list

Customers want to feel like companies are speaking directly to them through the relevant content that is of value to them. That means going a few steps further than simply adding the recipient’s name to your subject line. Use all the data you’ve collected to offer key personalisation through the content of the email, the images you include, and the discounts that you offer.


  1. Understand the data

It’s important to know what data you need to gather and how best to optimise that information. Integrate all your data sources with each other, utilising platforms like Google Analytics alongside your email metrics. This will give you an overall view of what your customers actually want, based on their engagement with your brand.


  1. Your existing audience is just as important as acquiring new leads

Do not forget to engage with your existing audience whilst growing your email list. By focussing on the existing customers you have, you can connect with them on a personal level and foster a great sense of customer loyalty.


  1. Keep them on their toes

Change up your email offerings so that they don’t become monotonous. Send out a newsletter with helpful tips one week, followed by a product promotion the next. You need to keep your subscribers engaged and intrigued with every email you sent.


Marketers are always wanting to gain a better understanding of their audience, build better relationships with their existing customers and ultimately generate a better ROI from their email marketing campaigns. Implementing these tips ensures that the basics are in place and you’ll be able to create email marketing campaigns to remember.









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